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Richard Hallsworth

What three leadership actions did you take?

November 9, 2017 at 9:21 AM

A few weeks ago we held our “inspired leadership” seminar. Attended by 60 business owners and with three fantastic speakers it was one of our best seminars of the year.


Our keynote speaker was Danny Cowley, first team manager at Lincoln City, who talked about creating a culture that breads success and leads to high performance. It was a fantastic talk and set the scene for our next two speakers.


Both Sue Ritchie and Steve Robinson gave us a tour of some of the latest thinking on leadership. Some great insights and ideas not to take away and implement but to think about and consider.


As people left I set a challenge. “Before you open your email make a cuppa, look through your notes and jot down three takeaways you want to follow up.”


My three takeaways were:-


  • Don’t make change for changes sake. Only make change if it’s going to lead to significant wins.
  • Review your network and make sure it contains high quality contacts, people that share your values and want to build a mutually beneficial relationship with you.  
  • When creating a project group don’t worry about the structure, rules of engagement and terms of reference. Let the group develop organically forming its own ways of working and communicating.


I’ve already tried to act on these and continue to think about how I build on them. I had a decision to make about implementing a new system. It would have saved some time but not a huge amount as it didn’t quite do all we needed so I decided to hold off. 


I’ve also thought a lot about my network. I’ve met some great people over the years but realised that other things have got in the way and relationships haven’t developed or have drifted. So, I’ve been thinking about how I pick these relationships up and develop them. 


If you went to the seminar. What were your three takeaways and have they influenced your leadership actions? If you didn’t what three actions are you taking to develop your leadership style?


Reduce the friction in getting paid with online services in XERO

November 6, 2017 at 7:00 AM

Ensuring that you get paid is one of the most important parts of being in business. It’s a well known fact that the longer an invoice remains unpaid the more difficult it is to collect.


xero tips


Making it easier for your customers to pay you is a great way to increase cash flow and reduce risk in your business.


Last week our XERO team sat down to look at the great tools that can help take the friction out of the payment process. Integrations with the likes of iZettle, Stripe and Go Cardless mean that there is an integrated option for you no matter whether you are an online retailer, take card payments at point of sale or sell services to customers and send invoices. Being integrated is great because it means sales transactions are processed and recorded automatically within XERO. This saves you time and ensures sometimes confusing transactions like the fees on merchant account payments are recorded correctly.


XERO also offers the option of making direct payment of an invoice with just a click of a button. This is great for customers to deal with you because it’s easy for them to pay and it’s great for you because you free up cash in your business.


Interesting Links



This handy link to the XERO educational page gives you more details of the great payment integrations.


XERO help : Payment Services


And there is a great video on XERO TV which can be accessed here




If you would like to learn more about integrating payment services and apps into XERO or learn more about XERO itself please contact me or our XERO migration specialist Stephanie Smith on 01522 815100.


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