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Here you will find news from Nicholsons about upcoming events amongst other things.

Firm Holds Bake Off Competition for Charity

May 25th, 2017

Lincoln Accountant holds baking competition for charity

Staff from Nicholsons held its Great Nicholsons Bake Off in conjunction of World Baking Day to raise funds for The Little Princess Trust following the success of the Cake Break event for MS Society in March.


The in-house competition saw a great number of staff submitting their bakes for a chance win the Great Baker title. The cakes were judged based on their shape, surface, texture and flavour by Aimee, a baker when she is not with her calculator for the day.

Lincolnshire based accountants hold baking competition for charity

Becky Wells won the competition with her carrot cake topped with candies. Emma Murray, a Director at the firm said “It is a great way for us to engage with our staff and raise money for a selected charity at the same time”.


The day ended with a cake sale from the submission received. All funds raised goes to the said charity.

Nicholsons Showcased Footie Skills at Sincil Bank for Charity

May 18th, 2017

The team played at the HSBC Charity Football Tournament at Sincil Bank, the grounds of the newly crowned National League champion Lincoln City Football Club during the weekends.


Runners-up last year, the team has been looking forward to go one step better and Sincil Bank has been a good inspiration for Team Nicholsons. However, losing the opening and final group games meant Nicholsons will not be qualifying for the semis this year.



Nonetheless, the team is happy to have played at Sincil Bank in the name of charity. “We will be looking forward to the tournament next year. We are a bit disappointed but the best team wins and good to see businesses taking time off to play for charity” said Richard Hallsworth, Director of the firm.


The Pedal Pride Trip so far…

May 12th, 2017

Just six more days to the launch of Lincoln Knight’s Trail, our knight known as the Pedal Pride will be unveiled to public at Michaelgate close to the Steep Hill today.


Pedal Pride will be Knight 17 of the Lincoln Knight’s Trail. The cycling-themed knight has since made a few public appearances, touring the Nicholsons’ office, and he of course got to spend some time with the Gelder Knight at the office!


Pedal Pride has also been displayed at the Craftea Café in a reception held earlier in March by the artist herself, Erin Fleming. The event gave the Directors a chance to contribute to the painting of Pedal Pride (Not a lot of course!).


He says “Hi” to everyone and is already looking forward to the Lincoln Grand Prix which will be held this weekend.


Pedal Pride will then be on guard for Lincoln and welcome visitors to the historic Bailgate as the city celebrates the 700th Anniversary of The Battle of Lincoln on the 20th May. Pedal Pride will be displayed until 3rd September.


Visit Lincoln Knight’s Trail for more information.

Staffs Bake to Raise Money for MS Society UK

March 22nd, 2017


A variety of businesses from across Lincolnshire turned up to support the Nicholsons ‘Cake Break’ to raise funds for the MS Society UK. The event raised a grand total of £288.87 for the multiple sclerosis organisation.


Richard Hallsworth, a Director at Nicholsons said “MS is a condition that has affected a number of people in my family and I am in full support of this event”. Businesses as far as Louth has turned up to support the event held at Nicholsons’ Lincoln office.


The event also received great support from the staff as many volunteered to bake cakes to ensure the success of the Cake Break.  Helen Stevens, Cake Break Officer at the MS Society said:  “We’d love for more people to host a Cake Break this year. And it doesn’t matter if you’ve never baked before. Cake Break is for everyone”.


Businesses also had a chance to networking. The event came to an end with a thank you message from Richard Hallsworth.

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Nicholsons Charity Badminton Tournament Raised Funds for LIVES

March 20th, 2017


Sleaford Badminton Club has won the first Nicholsons Charity Badminton Tournament in aid of raising funds for LIVES, an emergency response team serving Lincolnshire. Held at One NK, the tournament received participations from banks, local businesses, charities and recreational clubs alike.


C7HB1KwXkAEaT3zKrys Mitchell from LIVES was presented with a cheque during the break before the knock-out phase commenced.  “We would like to thank everyone for raising money for LIVES and participating tonight, and it’s good to have the support from local businesses”.


The Final was contested between Wilkin Chapman LLP and Sleaford Badminton Club with the latter securing the victory with a final score of 2-0. Lincolnshire Sports captained by Valida Reed finished third in the third place play-off game against Gelder Group.


The Nicholsons Charity Badminton Tournament trophy was then presented to the captain of the winning team, Peter Crawshaw. “It’s great to see everyone coming out for a game of badminton and to raise money for LIVES. Everyone was fantastic tonight”.C7HDm8AW4AUaysm


The tournament came to a close with a thank you message from the organiser, Nicholson Chartered Accountants.


The firm has been serving local businesses since 1923, and would like to thank everyone for their support in the name of charity.

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