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Training the next generation

September 14, 2017 at 3:12 PM

2016 Seniors Training Cohort

(Pic) Our 2016 Seniors Training cohort  with Directors; Jo Brown and Richard Hallsworth


Training and development is important and we invest heavily in developing our team. 


Training and development is a key theme in our strategy. As qualified finance professionals we sign up to annual continuing professional development that keeps us up to date with the latest changes. Over the last 2 years we have developed our own in house training for seniors in our team. This training has been designed to bridge the gap between their professional technical training and the advisory work they do day to day with clients. It’s been incredibly rewarding seeing their confidence grow and team members of our first cohort have really pushed on with their careers and have already progressed into new roles.


A key element of our training programme has been inviting other professionals into the office to lead workshops. This has two aims; (1) it helps extend our teams network of contacts and (2) gives them access to the latest thinking in different areas.


This week we were delighted to invite David Burgess from Clydesdale & Yorkshire Bank into the office. David gave a great presentation on how banks review funding applications and we spent time discussing how we can assist in the process by working with clients to draft more informative business plans and create financial forecasts and projections that add to the narrative of the application. Another key area discussed was working capital and its interaction with cash usage. These were both areas we had spent time discussing at previous sessions and it was fantastic for the team to see how some of the theory is applied in real life, another goal of the programme.


Helping me deliver the training programme has been Jo Brown who looks after our training and professional development strategy. As we talked through this weeks session, something we do after every workshop, we also talked through how we move our team forward beyond our programme and we’ve got some exciting plans for 2018 and beyond! As Jo reminded me “learning is a continuous journey!”


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