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Lincoln City FC

Who would’ve thought how the season would turn out to be for Lincoln City? For the third-year running, the firm has been sponsoring the club.


This year in the FA Cup game against Ipswich, we have renewed our shorts sponsorship deal with the club once more. That said, Nicholsons will be making its debut in the League Two next season!


This season has been a massive achievement for Lincoln City. As for the firm, we had a wonderful time using the box and attending the away games together alongside our families and friends!


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Lincoln Knight’s Trail

Inspired by the success of the Lincoln Baron’s Charter Trail, we decided to sponsor a knight at the Lincoln Knight’s Trail in the hope of supporting local artists and be part of the fun of course!


As active accountants, we are especially attracted to Erin’s artwork, the Pedal Pride. Pedal Pride is a cycling-themed knight, painted in a tribute by Erin to her ex-professional cyclist father Brian Fleming. Our active lifestyle and love for cycling goes in hand with Erin’s artwork.


The Lincoln Grand Prix and launch of Lincoln Knight’s Trail has since given the firm a whole lot of excitement as the football season comes to an end.


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Latest from our Blog