HMRC close the VAT registration helpline

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From‌‌‌‌‌ ‌‌‌Monday‌‌‌ ‌‌22 May 2023, HMRC will close the VAT registration helpline – a subsidiary of the VAT helpline – which is dedicated specifically to helping customers who have a concern around their VAT registration application. Advisers from this helpline will be redeployed to spend their time processing VAT registration applications instead of answering calls through the helpline.

Over 85% of calls to the VAT registration helpline are from customers who want an update on the progress of their applications. The ‘Where’s my reply’ tool gives an expected response date. HMRC staff are spending most of their time talking to customers about their submitted applications and – as that information is already available online – they believe this time can be better used to process those applications instead.

HMRC state that applicants can expect a reply within 40 working days. Those with applications that have been submitted within 40 working days should not contact HMRC.

Those who submitted an application more than 40 working days ago, or are replying to a request for further information (VAT 5), should use the dedicated email inbox, Applicants who have not received a response to their initial application within 40 working days, will receive a reply to their email within five working days.

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