Importance of Policies

Importance of Policies

As with regard to Christmas parties, it is crucial that workplace policies are in place so that everyone is on the same page and there is no ambiguity surrounding expectations and procedures.

A good way of maintaining policies is to have an employee handbook which houses them all, this can be uploaded to where important documents are stored in your workplace. Therefore, it can be updated when necessary with ease.

Handbooks should contain key information about the Company such as its values, practical information such as car parking, kitchen use and dress code. It should also include information regarding company rules, disciplinary and grievance procedures, and other information about employment laws or regulations. A well-written employee handbook has several advantages for an employer. All in all, this handbook helps a company run smoothly by clearly outlining expectations in the workplace. By explaining workplace ethics and required behaviour, an employee handbook minimises workplace disputes. It also allows your company to be open and clear about its stand on issues like favouritism, discrimination and harassment, as well as providing information on how to report any violations regarding such issues.

Having all of your policies and procedures clearly laid out and also easily accessible will be incredibly beneficial to managers too. It is a good reference manual to have and can help ensure that your team complies with all employment laws.

Probably one of the most beneficial reasons for having a well-written employee handbook is for situations where you may need to prove yourself. Take an employee lawsuit, for example, if you ever find yourself in an employment tribunal then being able to produce an employee handbook can be a beneficial legal defence.

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