Minimum wage rates increase from 1 April 2024

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Employers should be aware that all minimum wage rates increase on 1 April of each year. For 2024, these increases are substantial. The increases apply to all National Minimum Wage rates and the National Living Wage rate.

Another change that comes with the new rates is that the National Living Wage is being extended to include those aged 21 years old and over.

No Title Current rate (since April 2023) New rate from April 2024 Increase
National Living Wage (23 years old and over) £10.42 £11.44 (21 years old and over) 9.8%
National Minimum Wage (21-22 years old) £10.18 N/A N/A
National Minimum Wage (18-20 years old) £7.49 £8.60 14.8%
National Minimum Wage (16-17 years old) £5.28 £6.40 21.2%
National Minimum Wage (apprentice rate) £5.28 £6.40 21.2%
Accommodation Offset £9.10 £9.99 9.8%
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