The Great Resignation

the great resignation

The Great Resignation refers to the year of 2021, where the amount of employees who were leaving their jobs reached an all-time high. The aftermath of the COVID-19 lockdowns had a significant impact on the workplace. As a result, companies have been adapting their work culture to fit into the climate and employers are shifting their approach when it comes to recruitment.

There are a number of reasons cited for this change in outlook among the working population. For example, people have suffered burnout through overworking and taking on job responsibilities that are above their skill set or capacity. A survey from indeed showed that of workers who struggle to unplug from work, two thirds of professionals state that this has increased since the pandemic.

Others have suffered due to unfair treatment at work, which has been one of the motivators for people resigning. Furthermore, many workers have adapted well to working from home and would like to continue this, or a hybrid approach between the office and the home. Some employers are not allowing this way of working, causing employees to seek work elsewhere that may be more flexible and accommodating to their work-style preferences.

As an employer, it is crucial that there is frequent, effective communication with employees. People need to be heard, and their thoughts and feelings should be considered where possible. If you haven’t yet, could you consider allowing employees to work in a hybrid way? Make sure that you value your employees and thank them for their contributions and successes. Company culture and the happiness of employees go hand in hand.

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