Virtual Working and Change Management

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Covid-19 has created momentous changes to the workplace globally. There has been a rise in redundancies as well as the closure of many businesses. Other places of work have opted to close offices either temporarily or permanently in favour of remote working. Millions of people around the world have swapped their daily commute for a short walk to their home office, kitchen table or even sofa. Many businesses have been pro-active in providing remote working resources for their employees, to make the transition from the office smoother and to ensure that the quality of work from their employees doesn’t suffer due to the lack of necessary equipment. However, are employers putting enough focus and effort into the wellbeing of their employees? People need the support more than ever during these times.

Employers need to help their employees, and themselves, navigate how to become comfortable with the innumerable rapid changes that have taken place this year. One of the essential parts of this, is to keep employees informed; the government advice and regulations change regularly, however having a Coronavirus news bulletin for example could help employees process information and be kept up to date. Communication is essential. You need to be in regular contact with your team to assess how they are coping with the situation and ascertain whether or not more support needs to be implemented.

It is crucial that Health and Safety is managed effectively, for those who aren’t working remotely, employees need to be safe in the knowledge that the workplace is Covid-19 secure and all of the precautions have been put in place. If this change is managed efficiently, the disruption to your business won’t be felt as strongly and you will have a stronger workforce as a result.

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