We understand that the support an established business needs from their accountant is very different from one growing quickly or just starting out. Management are often more experienced and they may already have in house finance teams or bookkeepers to help produce relevant accounts information and data.

We work closely with our clients to be more than just an accountant, but a trusted adviser who can be there as a sounding board. Working across a wide range of clients across a number of sectors gives our team a significant amount of insight and experience which can be drawn on to help clients work through their own challenges and decisions. Our team are well connected, so if we can’t help, we will know somebody who can.

Our team includes experts who work across sectors; Farming and agribusiness, e-commerce, education, charities and the third sector, working internationally, and the travel and hospitality industry.

Supporting you and your growing business

Being a business partner to the business is also something that clients ask of us. If you don’t have your own Finance Director, we can help by fulfilling that role. This is often done through attending quarterly board meetings which gives us an opportunity to have an input into the strategic direction of the business adding financial insight and taking projects forward.

You will also need the very best tax support and we are here ready to provide it. Whether it’s Corporation Tax, Capital taxes like; Inheritance Tax or Capital Gains Tax or indirect tax such as VAT or Stamp Duty, our team are there to provide you the support you need, answer questions, and think of the things you haven’t.

Extracting cash from your company is important and needs careful planning to make sure you are not paying too much tax, and then it needs to work for you through careful investment. That’s why our advisory team work closely with colleagues in our Wealth Management team to make sure your hard earned cash is wisely invested.
A one size fits all approach is never appropriate and therefore we tailor a package that meets your needs. If you would like to learn more about how we can help your business, please get in touch.