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Congratulations to Aimee Harrison

March 9, 2018 at 3:54 PM

Congratulations to Aimee Harrison, winner of this years “Apprentice of the Year” at the Lincolnshire Media Business Awards.


Aimee Harrison H&S












Aimee Harrison joined Nicholsons Chartered Accountants as an apprentice on 27th June 2016 through the apprenticeship scheme run by Lincoln College under the direction of Nigel Hullett. During the first couple of months at Nicholsons, she was assigned to work with Senior Accountant, Steve Robinson, where she gained valuable experience and a better insight into accountancy and the wider business world.


On the 8th September 2016, Aimee started attending Lincoln College one day a week to continue with her training.


Having decided on a career as an accountant, Aimee had already taken matters into her own hands and achieved her Level 2 and Level 3 AAT exams whilst studying at home. So for her it was a natural progression for her to attend college to take her AAT level 4 exams.


The AAT level 4 core exams were Financial Statements of Limited Companies, Management accounting: Budgeting, Management Accounting: Decision and Control and the Synoptic Exam. Aimee took her final exam for this level on the 29th June 2017.


Aimee also had to take another two options, however with her dedication she pushed herself forward and took three options, business tax, personal tax and external auditing; meaning that she would then be exempted from all further exams but one, in the first level of her ACA studies. Aimee felt these would help her with work in the office.


As part of her apprenticeship, Aimee has to complete a Level 4 Business Skills qualification consisting of 8 units; this will help her to develop skills useful when working in a relationship based business including presentation and communication, along with team work. This is a self-learning project which Aimee will do in the workplace and research additional elements that will help her have a better understanding of a business.


Not only with her commitment to studying before joining Nicholsons, but with her continued dedication Aimee has propelled herself through her year at Lincoln College by the achievement of an additional exam. Aimee knows that her commitment to her studies will have a huge impact on her chosen career allowing her to achieve her ambition and qualify as an accountant.  Her commitment became clear when she received a certificate from Lincoln College for her 100% attendance over the last year as well as being awarded a merit with a pass rate of 84% for her AAT Level 4 having passed all her exams first time.


Aimee is committed to the business through her studies. She will start studying to achieve her ACA qualifications in September 2017 which will take her 2 – 3 years.  By working whilst studying Aimee will be able to combine her on the job practical work experience with her studies. She is also Xero certified which means Aimee can advise and implement cloud based software for clients.


Seeing Aimee achieve her goals helps to raise morale within the team and to encourage recently appointed apprentices to take the same pathway. With each step Aimee’s results enhances the level of expertise the firm offers their clients.  Aimee has been happy to get involved in a number of social events helping to organise them as well as participate.


Aimee is also a member of the Nicholsons Social Committee and contributes to putting forward ideas, implementing them and raising money for the firm’s charity.


Aimee will graduate from college in October 2017 and will continue to study towards her ACA qualifications through Kaplan. Her studies will be partly on-line and part self-study with Aimee’s commitment and motivation she may well complete her training well within the 2 – 3 years.  Once qualified Aimee would like to progress with her career at Nicholsons, taking on more work and responsibility and becoming a senior member of the team.


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