INSIGHT, the best enabler of business success your accountant can give you.

We believe accountants should be your trusted advisor, supporting you with business challenges and ensuring you are compliant with all relevant tax and accounting laws and regulations.

We know the value of having an accountant at your side, supporting your decision-making process and bringing different views to the table. They add to a business’ success through the insight they provide, unlocking barriers to value creation through the analysis and interpretation of data.

To enable insight, we need to ensure that the financial data in your business is up-to-date and accurate. Using the latest financial technology, we are able to build a system that achieves this without you spending a lot of time with your head in paperwork.

Having XERO set up for your business gives you a solid foundation that will:

  • Automate bank reconciliations
  • Manage fixed assets
  • Easily keep on top of your sales by generating sales invoices or posting daily sales
  • Manage suppliers’ paperwork

Once the foundation is set, we can build your financial system with apps that we know and trust.

  • Automate the processing of purchase invoices with Hubdoc. Hubdoc will collect supplier invoice data, and process the invoices directly into Xero.
  • Managing small receipts for coffee, car parking and taxis etc. can be a hassle. Using a prepaid expenses Soldo card solves this. Each time you make a payment you are prompted to take a picture of your receipt, and Soldo is integrated into Xero so transactions automatically appear.
  • Chasing customer invoices is vital but can be time consuming. Chaser takes the heavy lifting when it comes to chasing routine invoices. Automated emails allows you the time to focus on that more stubborn debt.
  • Automating customer payments has the benefit of saving you time when it comes to matching with invoices and can accelerate the time it takes your customers to pay. Adding payment services like; Stripe, GoCardless and Zettle can all help add value.

Developing Insight

Developing insight requires regular reports and comparisons against your expectations. We help you to set these expectations, looking at past performance as a base and then layering over the expected impact of the changes you are planning.

Insight comes from a regular review of key data, and we create bite sized reports that you can monitor to check how you are getting on.

  • The profit & loss report shows you how your business has performed in any given period, and how much profit you have made.
  • Cash flow is the lifeblood of a business, and our second report focuses on this. It will show you how much cash your business has generated and what it has been spent on.
  • Developing resilience by growing your assets is important for the general health of your business. Our easy-to-understand balance sheet report enables you to see how resilient your business is month on month.

To gain a deeper insight we help you identify the factors in your business that drive success. These key performance indicators might not be financial, but they definitely drive performance, and we want to know more about them.

Once we have an understanding of what is driving performance and know how to measure it, we build the data into your performance dashboard giving you a wide view of your business, delivered in real-time. The dashboard is cloud-based so you can dip in and out as you wish. We will help you build a monthly review process where you and your team sit down to review your dashboard, understand how your business is performing and make decisions based on it.

Reliable data and regular reporting allows you to interpret what the numbers are telling you. This is where working alongside one of our advisory coaches can add significant value. Through their skill in interpreting data and monitoring trends they can evaluate progress against your plan and give you real insight into how your business is performing and help you identify “what’s next”.

Using your business plan and the performance reports, we can plot what progress you are making to implement your ideas. Providing this insight is important as it will help you understand whether your plans need to change. It is important you have a plan that is agile and able to react.

Our coaches work alongside you to refine your plans, develop your ideas, and ultimately plot the path to greater business success.

Start your Insight journey today by getting in contact with one of our expert team.