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Let us help you take control of your business’s finances with XERO

Official statistics show that building a successful business is difficult. Only around 59% of businesses survive more than five years according to the Office for National Statistics.


Research by cloud software company XERO also suggests that not knowing the financial status of your business is a serious problem. Their November 2015 study found that 65% of owner managers of businesses cited access to finance and cash flow woes as a reason for failure. This is a frustrating statistic because with prior warning both of these issues can often be solved.
We help business owners take control of their finances giving them the tools to understand their business and make better decisions.
By putting XERO at the centre of your business you will see a difference quickly. Not only will you save time because of the easy to use book keeping system but your financial records will be neat, tidy and well organised.


The systems and procedures we help you put in place will help the data flow into XERO and it won’t be long before you are able to access important information about your business, all presented in a logical and easy to understand format.


The budgets and cash flow information we create with you will provide a yardstick against which you can monitor the performance of your business and act as an early warning system.


If you feel excited about taking control of your business and liberating your understanding of the financial status of your business pick up the phone now and call our XERO expert Stephanie Smith on 01522 815 100 or complete the following form.

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At Nicholsons we have invested heavily in XERO. 25% of our team are XERO certified users. That means we know a lot about XERO and if you’ve got a problem it’s likely we’ve dealt with it before and can therefore help you!


We are also able to offer a full SAGE conversion process that ensures that all supplier and customer details, chart of account information, outstanding sales and purchases data and trial balance account information is converted into XERO with minimal fuss.

Meet the people who make it happen


Stephanie Smith

Manager & Xero Certified User


Tel 01522 815100


Simon Hall

Senior Accountant & Xero Certified User


Tel 01522 815100


Richard Hallsworth

Partner & Certified User


Tel 01522 815100


  • "Because I use XERO I not only have up to date accounts but I also get excellent advice from Nicholson's based on real time information"
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