More than just compliance

There are a whole host of reasons why your organisation may need a financial audit. It could be that your turnover and gross assets are over the exemption threshold, your shareholders or governing documents may stipulate an audit, or you may be operating within a sector where a financial audit is mandatory. Whatever the reason; we can help.

Whilst financial audit involves the critical analysis and verification of a business’ financial statements and underlying documents, it should also enable your management team, shareholders, or trustees, to have a substantiated review of financial results. That’s where we see the true value, gathering a deeper understanding of your business and looking beyond the figures.

Adding value through best practice

The experienced Audit team at Nicholsons work with you throughout the process to understand your business, share good working practice, and offer useful suggestions for ways in which current systems and processes may be honed and improved. We ensure your business experiences tangible benefits through the experience.

Personal help and audit support

With every audit we carry out, we aim to make a noticeable improvement to your business. So as well as evaluating your company’s performance and financial health, we also assess the risks and the opportunities available to you.

We will provide reliable and valuable information for your business that can be a cornerstone to your organisation’s growth and the achievement of future objectives.

To discuss your individual business needs, or find out more about our Audit team, contact us today.