We all work hard and it is important that you find the time to look after your’s and your family’s financial needs. Our wealth management team work in the same way as our business advisors but instead of focusing on your business, they focus on you.

Our in-house Independent Financial Services team are available to offer support and advice on all areas of your personal finances. We will sit down with you to understand your personal and family goals, review your current financial and tax position which will help us to identify areas we think you should review and help you find appropriate solutions be that, pension, protection or investment. You can’t avoid tax, but we can make sure you are paying the right amount.

Our team looks at the complete picture of your business and personal life, so that they can advise you on the most appropriate way forward, depending on your own individual circumstances and objectives.

Services available include

You may be working hard now, but there will be a time when you will want to slow down and enjoy the fruits of your labour. Your pension is the key to a prosperous retirement, so talk to us and see how efficient planning now can help provide financial comfort in the years to come.

Savings and investments

We all know about the effects of inflation. Every year, price rises mean that your money is worth less in real terms. The same applies to money saved in the bank. We can offer a range of tax-efficient investment products to suit your lifestyle, grow your money, and beat inflation.

Inheritance tax planning

Most people want to pass on their wealth to the people who matter most to them. Nicholsons can help you do this in a smooth, tax-efficient manner, providing the maximum benefit to those you care about.

Personal tax planning

Taxation can be complicated and getting it wrong can mean paying out far more of your money than you need to. There are many ways to reduce you tax liability. We can advise you on making tax-efficient plans to optimise your income and retain more of your wealth.

Business protection

Having worked hard to create a successful business, you want to be sure that it will survive even if the unexpected happens. We can advise on a range of business policies, including key person and shareholder, to protect your business and help you carry on through adversity.

Personal protection

You and your family are at the heart of everything you do. We can offer you a wide range of policies, including life insurance and income protection, that will look after you and your loved ones should life take a turn for the worse.

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Our in-house Independent Financial Services team are available to offer support and advice on all areas of your personal finances.

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As the economy begins to show tentative signs of recovery, we take a look at the key financial issues that are likely to impact you and your finances. We look at how investing now could help boost your finances in the long term and the different options available to you. We discuss interest rates and what it means for people coming to the end of a fixed rate or variable rate mortgage and why seeking advice on your next step could pay huge dividends. And we look at the importance of having an adequate pension pot if you want to avoid having to work longer than you expected.