Staff Retention and Engagement

staff retention and engagement

Employee retention is about keeping the staff that you have employed; now more than ever, businesses have seen their employees seek new jobs after only a year or two. It is essential that effort is put into retaining staff. The way to achieve this is to create a working culture that allows them to learn and develop within the business, and to cultivate an environment that ensures they are happy and enjoy work.

How can you make sure your employees feel valued?

People like to know they are doing a good job, simply thanking an employee for their effort can go a long way to ensure they feel valued and part of the team. Reward schemes are also invaluable as they give staff a goal to work towards. Furthermore, regular reviews keep the employee and employer on track and focused on career goals and creates a clear growth path.

Staff retention should not only appeal to employers with a high staff turnover, but any business who values the happiness and wellbeing of their employees. People who have a happier work life will be more willing to go above and beyond in their role and obtain fantastic results.

How can you ensure employees are engaged?

Know your staff. It is imperative that you know how your employees work, do they need a daily check-in call to stay engaged and motivated, or do they prefer a task list to work from? Give them goals to work towards and make sure you track their progress and ask if the need support along the way. This is even more prevalent with home working as it is not as easy to keep in contact, however it is completely possible through technology.

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