Two steps to avoid disruption moving goods into Northern Ireland

With the Brexit transition period ending on 31 December 2020, a raft of new arrangements will come into effect on 1 January 2021, some of which will affect your business if you move goods into Northern Ireland from England, Scotland or Wales.

If you move goods into Northern Ireland, you should complete the following steps as soon as possible:

Sign up for the Government’s free Trader Support Service

This free-to-use service is available to businesses of any size moving goods into Northern Ireland, providing guidance, training, a digital declaration support service and support from customs experts.

Sign-up on the Trader Support Service website.

Obtain an EORI number beginning with XI

If you already have an EORI number beginning with GB, you can automatically obtain an EORI number beginning with XI by signing up for the TSS before 23 November 2020.

If you do not have an EORI number, you must apply for an EORI number beginning with GB as soon as possible. You will then be able to obtain an EORI number beginning with XI by signing up for the Trader Support Service by 23 November or by applying for one directly.

Please note that separate processes are expected to apply to food, agricultural, sanitary and phytosanitary goods will be subject to ‘specified processes’ that will be set out in due course.

Additionally, these measures apply to the movement of goods from Great Britain to Northern Ireland, but goods moving in the opposite direction are expected to continue as they do now.

You must complete these actions urgently to avoid disruption from January 2021.

Please contact us today for help and support with preparing your business for the end of the Brexit transition. Call either Richard Hallsworth or Rebecca Gulley on 01522 815100.

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