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The average employee spends a third of their life at work, this is a significant amount of time and employee satisfaction is of the upmost importance. It is essential that employers ensure that the mental and physical health and wellbeing of their employees is looked after. An employer’s work does not end when their recruitment process is over and their new employee begins their new role, staff retention is a reflection on the happiness of the employee.

A successful way to increase levels of job satisfaction is the implementation of work benefits; for example, flexible working, working from home, private health care and team building events. These benefits help employees to feel valued and part of a team which will consequently increase their levels of satisfaction.

People are the greatest asset for a business, however, they can also be its greatest downfall. If your employees are not happy, they may experience a decline in levels of motivation and/or engagement. It is essential that these issues are addressed so that your employees work to the best of their ability, while feeling supported and happy. You could create an anonymous survey that asks questions about employee satisfaction; this will allow employees to feel heard and able to express their opinions that things are going well or need improving. In turn you, as the employer, will be better informed when planning for the business and managing staff.

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