A fresh approach to HR

We know how expensive and time-consuming employing people can be, and when it goes wrong it can cost time, money, and staff morale. Outsourcing your HR has significant advantages, not least business efficiency and a bottom-line improvement and our specialist HR team can take care of everything for you, freeing up your time and brain space!

We can support you through HR events step by step or undertake all of your HR business needs for you, or be there to support you on more of an adhoc basis. Our HR team becomes an extension of your business, whether that’s supporting your existing HR team, or to be your HR team.

Businesses of all sizes have a variety of functions relating to their employees. It can be challenging to cover them in-house for a large and well-resourced company, but for smaller and medium-sized companies it can be impossible. If you’re a new business start-up, it’s vital to ensure you’ve all the necessary foundations in place to ensure compliance with your employer obligations. We’ll give you everything you need to manage your people quicker, easier and with more confidence than ever before.

When a business has access to highly experienced and dependable HR professionals, it can make a world of difference to help a business grow and prosper. By guiding you through those tricky workplace situations, we’ll help you avoid problems and resolve conflicts, but also proactively plan and prepare as your business grows and changes.

We can help support you with:
  • Statutory policies and procedures
  • Contracts of employment
  • Disciplinary and grievance guidance
  • Mediation and dispute resolution
  • Employment law and tribunal representation
  • Engagement, performance and reward to help you get the best from your people
  • Maternity, paternity, sickness, attendance, timekeeping
  • Flexible working
  • Equality and diversity
  • Health and Safety risk assessments and audits
  • Termination discussions and settlement agreements
  • Employee benefits
  • Recruitment and talent acquisition
  • Training
  • HR advice and guidance

How can HR outsourcing benefit my business?

Human resources are often outsourced in order to reduce the cost of recruiting in-house staff when there is not enough work to justify it. For small businesses, who may still be building up their business and trying to make money, this is especially relevant.

Small businesses may also struggle to keep on top of the more specialist aspects of HR, for example employment relations issues or handling a TUPE transfer. Outsourcing these functions, frees up time for employers to focus on making their business successful and profitable, and can take the worry out of certain areas of compliance.

    • Take administrative tasks off your plate and free up time to focus on strategic goals, such as employee retention, and growing your business
    • Reduce time spent resolving issues and answering employee questions related to HR, benefits or pay
  • Save money on hiring HR staff (or additional staff)
  • Receive support for compliance with employment laws and regulations, workplace safety, payroll and tax, and more – potentially saving your business from compliance fees and penalties.
Improve the efficiency of your HR


Minimise risk from non-compliance with employment legislation and maintain good practices, procedures, and policies.


Promote greater efficiency and productivity by streamlining systems and data, allowing you to stay focused and spend less time on employment-related matters.


Full visibility of any potential employee issues throughout your business, dealing with them proactively, even helping to prevent them in the future.

We offer a tailored solution specific to you where the costs and risks are replaced by external specialists,
so contact us today to discuss your individual business needs.

Employment Law Specialists


If you do find yourself needing some legal advice, then our team of Employment Law Specialists provide a comprehensive employment law solution for contentious as well as non-contentious employment matters.
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We know how time-consuming looking after your people can be, and when it goes wrong it can cost time, money, and wellbeing.

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