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What happens if an employee’s holiday is cancelled due to circumstances out of their control and they want to cancel their annual leave and take it at a later date?

This decision should be made at your discretion as the employer. There is no obligation for you to accept the change in annual leave, you may feel that  the alternative time off they have requested will negatively affect your business and may wish to insist it is not changed. Alternatively, you may empathise and feel that, due to the unforeseen circumstances, you will allow the employee to cancel their planned annual leave.

It has been intimated that pregnant women are in the high-risk category. Due to this, can we as employers insist that their maternity leave begins early?

No, you cannot insist that they begin their maternity leave early. If they are able to work from home, then this would be the best option for them. If the employee becomes ill and therefore begins their maternity leave earlier than planned, in line with maternity legislation, this is fine.  There is a possibility that you may have to suspend a pregnant woman who is unable to work due to being high-risk, and for this reason, you should really take professional advice to avoid discrimination claims.

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