Business is changing and technology is having a huge impact. Artificial intelligence and data analytics are not just buzzwords but are a reality. Government initiatives like Auto Enrolment, GDPR and Making Tax Digital are increasing the responsibilities for business owners, taking you away from running your business.

We recognise that business owners require much more advice than previous generations because of the complicated laws and regulations surrounding running a business, increased competition and the impact of technology.

At Nicholsons we specialise in helping clients start, grow and sell their businesses.

We also know what the most profitable businesses do differently from those who are not as successful, and can guide you through the maze of tax and business legislation that may be holding you back.

Our business advisors are experts in helping business owners succeed and reach their goals, to help build capital in your business and ensure you are compliant with legislation.

Business advice

Where to start?

A strategic plan is the first step towards moving a business away from being dependant on the owner(s) and towards a fully systemised and profitable operation.

Our business advisors aim is to help you create a picture of what your business will be like when it is fully “complete”.

We spend time with you and your team (typically one day) and listen to build this picture.

We facilitate a discussion of:

  • The personal objectives of the business owner(s);
  • The strategic plan of the business;
  • A five-year summary of financials;
  • Value pricing opportunities;
  • Unique selling points of the business; and
  • Exit routes and business value.

The benefits of this discussion are:

  • Consensus on key issues and strategies to address them,
  • Commitment to, and capacity for, implementing the strategies,
  • Clearer communication of priorities,
  • Improved cooperation among those pursuing strategic objectives, and
  • More effective management control of strategic initiatives.

To discuss your business strategy further, contact a member of the team today.